NUDE Photo Theatre Projects 2008-recent

Since the beginning of 2008, we have focussed on photo projects dealing with well-known literary stories, like "Fairy Tales" after Brothers Grimm, Bocaccio's "Decameron", Dante's "Inferno", medieval "Fabliaux", Short Stories by Edgar Allan Poe or "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll. Narrations from these books were translated into theatrical scenes, which we staged before the white background of our studio. This way, the protagonists of the literary material were emphasized as acting subjects. 

In order to reach monumental size paired with extreme clearness of form, most characters were photographed individually with the digital Hasselblad camera. Moreover, for all persons, we produced partial shots that were digitally "stitched" only later. This way, we were able to create highly detailed composings sized 4 till 8 square meters at 300 dpi without additional sharpening.

About 300 models from all over Germany performed in these projects; we also had many participants from Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Holland, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. Altogether 500 different scenes were photographed - enough visual material to create a dozen of different books with.

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