"Alice in Wonderland" - London Dec. 2006

During the Rodin Symposium at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, in December 2006, the windows of Fortnum & Mason were ingeniously decorated, featuring scenes from "Alice in Wonderland, while mirroring the facade of the Royal Academy with its exhibition banners.
The pictures were "shot from the hip", and improved with PhotoShop later, to tickle the maximum of detail and colour from them. This series was exhibited in Gallery Tirreno in Munich in February 2007; a second set of framed and matted prints was donated to the Royal Academy.

Portraits - A continuing Passion

Portraits have always been part of my photographic practice. A recent selection was exhibited in February 2007 in Gallery Tirreno in Munich, along with the "Alice in Wonderland" series. 

"Nymphet" - Fotoshooting with Katja 2007

While visiting us together with her mother Iris, Katja showed a rare talent for mimicking all the aspects of the adolescent "nymphet" (Nabokov):  Then naive, then provoking, then seductive, bored, stubborn, puzzling. Twelve motifs were worked out as colour prints; a selection of these was shown at my "KreativStudio"-Gallery in Munich in November 2007.

"Little red Riding hood/Wolf'sbride" 2007

With Antonia, a promising young actor from the prize-winning Vagenwood film team, several portrait sessions were done in the Winter of 2007. One picture shows her red winter coat and cap, resulting in a not-so-innocent-anymore Little Red Riding Hood. Discussing this portrait with friends sparked the idea of producing an unconventional interpretation of Grimm's Fairy Tales.

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