Born in Bandung, Indonesia, as a son of Dutch parents. As the upsurging nationalist movement threatened the existence of Dutch companies and citizens in Indonesia, the family returned to Holland.

Studied Political and Social Sciences in Amsterdam and the Free University, Berlin. Besides these studies actively engaged in photography, sculpture, object art, performance.

After return to Amsterdam, joined an experimental commune of artists in the city's centre. In this "utopian laboratory", about 60 young artists from all over Europe lived and worked together. The members would share their income in order to finance artistic and social projects, organize theatre performances, produce video films. Moreover, the community functioned as a self-organised art academy, with daily courses in nude drawing, painting, theatre and dance.

Since 1986: Lived in Munich and developed artistic projects in a more individual way. Return to photography as preferred medium. See Projects

Exhibitions in Munich, Karlsfeld, Fürstenfeldbruck, Leipzig, Duisburg, Vienna Zürich, Fribourg, Amsterdam, Madrid. See Exhibitions

Two sons, Dylan and Floyd.

Works have been online since 1994 through a Web presentation developed by Richard Gardner and Cynthia Close. Since November 2000, this first Website has been followed up by The current Website replaces