"The Rodin-WEB" - Online inventory of Rodin Collections Worldwide

Originally created as an overview of Museums that might be interested in showing the gum bichromate prints from the Rodin Photo Project, an online database of more than 200 public Rodin collections worldwide was programmed. It features extensive biographical and bibliographical data, various essays, an exhibition calendar and an illustrated catalogue of ca. 100 key works by Rodin. An extra section is dedicated to Camille Claudel.

Due to the website's reputation, the Royal Ontario Museumm in Toronto sent an invitation to speak at the conference "Rodin - What Is Original" in Toronto, November 2001.

"Digital Sculpture Project" - ART RESEARCH 2001-2007

To follow up this speech, methods were developed for the morphological documentation and comparison of original plaster sculptures by Rodin and his contemporaries.

Building up a team of scientific experts and photographers, in co-operation with various producers and users of 3D-scanning equipment.

Testing methods of 3D scanning of sculptures in Museum situations. Preparing a Museum of Digitised Sculpture.

Over the years, my team visited ca. 20 Museums in Germany, Holland, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, photographing and scanning original plaster sculptures by Barye, Carpeaux, Boucher, Rodin, Claudel, Bourdelle, Maillol, Bugatti, Rosso, Arp, Picasso. 

3D Equipment: 
Breuckmann fringe projection cameras
ModelMaker and Perceptron laser scanner heads
FARO Gold and Platin Arms;Cimcore Infinity Arms
Software: InnovMetric PolyWorks Modeler Suit.
Photo Cameras: Mamiya RZ 67, Nikon D70

Creating a scientific documentation of the project's procedures and the sculptures scanned. 
The first of these papers was published by the University of Linkoeping, Sweden, in 2002. See Linkoeping publication

Preview exhibition at Gallery Tirreno, Munich, In June/July 2005. 

Project websites: www.imodoc.org and www.rodin.info

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