Early Photo Projects

Apart from randomly photographing family, friends and landscapes, some series developed as formally consistent projects:

"Amsterdams Scholieren Comité" 1974-1975

The plans to build a subway underneath the historic inner city of Amsterdam, demolishing organically developed neighbourhoods, provoked protests comparable to today's resistance against the Stuttgart subterranean Railway Station S21. All sorts of groups rallied again the plan, including a committee of school pupils. Photos taken at our weekly gatherings in a political movie club at the Haarlemmerdijk, Amsterdam.

"Kathinka Series" 1976

Series of intimate girlfriend portraits.

"Theatre Rehearsals" 1976

Photographic documentation of the rehearsals at the Engelenbak Theatre in Amsterdam, especially capturing the dramatic highlights of the piece ("Het Geheim van de Idioot", directed by Jacques Boersma).

Wilhelm reich circle 1979-1980

Portraits taken within a group of friends, who met on a regular basis to discuss Wilhelm Reich's theories on sexual liberation and social change.

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