For Product Photography with unequalled quality, we use the digital Hasselblad H3 DII with 39 Megapixels. Please note that the image chip of the Hasselblad is three times larger than the "full size" chip of Canon or Nikon cameras with the same amount of pixels. This means the Hasselblad produces much less pixel noise and finer colour gradations.

For very small details, we work with the Nikon D90 in combination with AF Micro Nikkor 105 mm, f 1:2.8, allowing for 1:1 scale shots.

Our studio is built for soft and even lighting. This makes it ideal for producing product photos that can be used in any kind of context.

We are specialists for capturing objects with multiple shots, combining the data into very large and detailed image files that can be enlarged to any size.

You are also welcome here for private photo shootings in the field of Portrait, Fashion, Lingerie and Nude.

If you wish so, we can book one of the professional make-up artists we have co-operated with over the years.

We will make you feel at home in our Studio and realise your photo series the way you like it to be.

You will receive the photos on CD or DVD. After discussing the results, we can do additional retouching on the photos you select.

Alternatively, you can participate in our artistic projects as a model. In this case, the shooting will be free of cost for you.