For our own artististic purposes, our studio mostly is a "white box". 
The background and floor colours can be changed. If you need this for your shooting, please let us know in advance.

Standard width of background carton: 2.75 m
Studio width: 3.50 m
Studio depth: ca. 7 m

We work with Elinchrome lighting equipment, with umbrellas and softboxes
4 x 250 Ws / Elinchrome Compact Flash
2 x 400 Ws /Elinchrome D-Lite Compact Flash
2 x 600 Ws / Elinchrome Style 600RX Compact Flash
2 x 2.400 Ws /Elinchrome Digital SE

Our camera is a digital Hasselblad H3 II D with 39 Megapixels.
If you rent our studio, please bring your own camera.

We have three powerful workstations with up to 16 GB RAM each, for processing large-scale photo composings up to ca. 1 Gigapixel (1,000 Megapixel) per picture. If you rent our studio, you can use one of the workstations (Windows 7 and Windows XP Professional both installed).

The studio has an extra make-up room. You can also use the bathroom with toilet and shower. In our kitchen, we have a Nespresso machine.